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Open Source Alternatives For The Small Business

open-source-softwareIn a time where most need to look at the spending it can make a lot of sense if there are ways to avoid unnecessary expenses.

This is particularly true for all those small or medium business owners where every expense needs to be carefully evaluated in terms of its return of investment.

For the typical business owner,  needing to purchase mandatory software packages such as Windows, Excel, Word and so forth can quickly become a major expense.

Did you know that you can save a lot of money if you use freely available open source software? There are free open source alternatives for almost any type of software today.

Here’s a list of my recommended open source software packages that you could consider instead of expensive, commercial software packages

For accounting, Edoceo Imperium it’s my recommended open source alternative. Tt replaces the commercials of the package is Quicken.

If you don’t want to spend good money on Microsoft Office you should look into the Open Office software suite. Open Office can replace a whole bunch of commercial software such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

To read and to send your office mail you don’t have to use expensive Microsoft software as well. Instead of Outlook you can use various free alternatives such as Thunderbird or Group Office. In some cases, the freely available software packages may even offer you more functionality then the commercial counterparts.

If you just look around on the web, chances are you will find free software for almost any type of task your business. There is no reason having to spent big money with so many quality software packages available for free.

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