When someone asks me for career advice or someone wants to know how to go about finding a job, I always tell them to look into apprenticeships. Apprenticeships work for almost all career fields in the United Kingdom. Some professions like Carpentry can actually only be gotten into via apprenticeships.

Why do I tell those people to look into apprenticeships?

There are at least two major reasons for that.

One of them is that an apprenticeship can be a shortcut to get into a career without having to look for a position for many months on end. This is simply because many apprenticeships turn into full-time positions later on so that the apprentice can basically cut out months that would otherwise be spent searching to get a job.

In the United Kingdom, in some fields the percentage of those whose apprenticeship turns into full-time employment is as high as 95%! So, saying that an apprenticeship is probably the best guarantee for work there is today is definitely no exaggeration!

The other major reason why an apprenticeship is the best for our young people is that it’s the best way to get hands-on experience in a field. I see it all the time that people may have all the papers and grades required for a job but they’re otherwise inexperienced given that they just finished school.

This wouldn’t be a major issue if our economy would be better and employers would recognize that not everyone can obviously start a position with a lot of first-hand experience. But because our job market is extremely competitive, employers today want the best people they can get and this means that inexperienced people are often at a severe disadvantage.

In the UK, the many available apprenticeships in Nottingham would be where all those in the greater Nottingham area can get this type of experience but of course this applies to all major British metropolitan areas. This is where the job markets are often extraordinarily competitive. If you want an edge there you need job experience and an apprenticeship can give it to you along with other benefits such as specialized training that can be obtained during an apprenticeship.