For commercial buildings in the United Kingdom exist rather strict fire safety rules and regulations. As far as it concerns the British regulations for dry riser systems, they state that they should be installed in buildings where the floor is 18 metres above ground level to 60 metres above ground level.

dry-riserThere are other requirements for the installation of such fire prevention systems, such as that the fire service should be consulted and their advice on a suitable position for those systems to be installed taken.

A dry riser system likewise must be situated near a water supply so that adequate flow can be obtained for fire fighting purposes.

However, those regulations for installing a dry riser system in commercial buildings in the UK are not all there is to it.

In addition to those requirements, the law states that dry riser systems also need to be maintained and serviced regularly. And this is where we’re getting to the subject of dry riser testing.

Obviously, dry riser testing must be performed by qualified and certified professionals. As a business owner, you will normally have a contract with a firm that conducts those tests on a regular basis.

Only when your dry riser system is tested and certified as operating properly it can grant you and your business the right amount of fire safety and protection.

Finding a firm that can do the necessary dry riser testing procedures

Finding such a company should not be a major problem. Chances are that a quick search in the yellow pages or on the internet will give you a list of qualified companies that can do dry riser testing in your area. In such rare cases where you cannot find a company for dry riser testing you can ask other businesses in your area or contact your local fire brigade.